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The Position Of Stainless Steel Pipe In Construction Is More And More Imp
Jul 26, 2017

Stainless steel pipe is an economic cross-section of steel, is an important product in the steel industry, usually accounted for 8% of the total steel 16%, it in the national economy has a very wide range of applications. Because the steel pipe has the hollow section, it is most suitable for the liquid, Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube the gas and the solid transportation pipeline; At the same time, compared with the same weight round bar, the steel pipe has large sectional coefficient and flexural torsional strength, so it also becomes an important material in all kinds of mechanical and structural structures. Structures and components, controlled by stainless steel, Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube have a larger cross-section modulus than solid parts in the case of equal weight. Therefore, the stainless steel tube itself is a kind of economical metal section steel, it is an important component of high efficient steel, especially in the oil drilling, smelting and transportation industries, and then the geological drilling, chemical industry, construction industry, machinery industry, aircraft and automotive manufacturing and boilers, medical equipment, furniture and bicycle manufacturing, and other aspects also require a large number of various steel tubes. Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube With the development of new technologies such as atomic energy, rocket, missile and aerospace industry, stainless steel pipe is becoming more and more important in the defense industry, science and technology and economic construction. The export of stainless steel is an important part of China's export economy, which plays an important role in stimulating China's economic growth, but in view of the current situation of China's stainless steel foreign trade, the export of stainless steel in China has encountered great resistance.

Stainless steel pipe is mainly used as fluid transportation or mechanical mechanism, heat exchanger pipe, machining board, production of stainless steel practical products.

According to the different uses, the requirements of the stainless steel tubes are different, such as acid and alkali corrosion resistance, intergranular corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking performance, pitting corrosion resistance, weather corrosion resistance, Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube high temperature and anti-oxidation performance. It is also required to have satisfactory high temperature durability, durable plasticity, creep resistance and aging stability for use in high temperature environment.

Stainless steel pipe is a hollow round steel, mainly used in oil, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instrumentation and other industrial pipelines and mechanical components. In addition, in the bending, torsional strength and light weight, Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures. Also used for the production of a variety of conventional weapons, barrels, shells and so on.

Stainless steel tube is a large class. There is no temperature of this concept. Concrete refinement to a variety of stainless steel tube. It's going to take temperature. It's civil.

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